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          • 公司行業:電力、能源、礦產業
          • 公司性質:外資企業
          • 公司規模:少于50人
          • 公司地址:上海-金山區金山衛鎮呂張公路1012號


                Our company was founded in 1992 in Wenzhou China,specialized in the production of electric power fittings,and cable accessories.In the end of 2003,we moved to Shanghai,and Shanghai MELEC was instead of Wenzhou SANLI.
                Over 14 years of experience in producing, what ever you want in our line, MELEC always provide you the best. What ever you need, MELEC always behinds you. Your enquiry and comment will be highly appreciated.
                MELEC wants to meet this challenge: MELEC‘s quality products span the wide field from lugs, connectors, heat shrinkable accessories as well as hydraulic tools, which are of our own manufacturer. The components are the prerequisites for the handing of rather comples tasks in a faster, more compatible, as well as more economical manner. Also, in future, it is our aim to set examples where quality and fast service is concerned. It is our goal to apply our comprehensive know-how in all areas of energy supply and electric industry. This represents the inno-vative power of a modern enterprise, such as MELEC.
                We are certain that we have aroused your interest as well and would be glad to demon-strate all of MELEC‘s advantage by submitting an offer to you.
                我們公司成立于1992年在中國溫州,專業生產電力設備和電纜accessories.In 2003年底,我們轉移到上海,與上海MELEC是不是溫州桑利。
                已有14多年的經驗在生產,什么都想要在我們的路線, MELEC始終為您提供最好的。什么都滿足你的需要, MELEC背后總是你。您的查詢并提出意見將得到高度贊賞。
                MELEC要迎接這一挑戰: MELEC的高質量的產品涵蓋廣泛的領域從派,連接器,熱收縮配件以及液壓工具,這是我們自己的制造商。該元件的先決條件交給的任務,而相容性復合體在一個更快,更兼容,以及更經濟的方式。此外,在未來,這是我們的目標是建立例子質量和快捷的服務表示關切。我們的目標是適用于我們全面的訣竅在各個領域的能源供應和電力行業。這是革新vative權力的現代企業,如MELEC 。
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