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          • 公司行業:電力、能源、礦產業
          • 公司性質:私營企業
          • 公司規模:少于50人
          • 公司地址:北京-北京朝陽區酒仙橋路10號恒通廣廈

          電力通訊調試工程師 Commissioning Engineer

          職位編號: 1305362 招聘日期: 2022-07-18 ~ 2024-09-05 招聘部門: 不限
          工資待遇: 面議 工作地點: 上海 招聘崗位: 其它
          招聘人數: 不限 學歷: 大專 工作年限: 2年以上
          性別要求: 不限 年齡要求: 18歲到60歲 所在地區: 不限
          職位描述: Requirements Commissioning Engineer
          Educational Requirements

          First priority: Power System Engineer with specialization in power system communication and control
          Second priority: Telecommunication Engineer with specialization in Power System Communication
          Fluent in Mandarin and English (speaking & writing)


          The candidate has professional experience in the following fields.

          Technological Experience

          Know How of Communication standards and protocols
          Design & implementation of measurement and analysis set-ups for communication networks
          Know How of Communication Measurement Equipments
          Design & Engineering of communication networks
          Product Know-How of SD, IP, PLC, PABX and Teleprotection equipment

          Activity Fields & Professional Experience

          Commissioning experience for Communication Systems
          Design & Engineering of Factory Acceptance Tests of Communication Networks for Power Utilities
          Collecting and transforming customer information into communication solutions together with the design & engineering team


          Self-Driving and self organizing person
          Strong orientation to solve problems (technical & organizational)
          Willing to travel extensively throughout China
          Able to handle unexpected situations on customer site
          Correct and convincing appearance
          Curious and future oriented
          面試地址: 北京市北京朝陽區酒仙橋路10號恒通廣廈